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Title Leading Role
Creem -- Jan. 1978 Commodores; Blue Oyster Cult; Jagger Jaw; Elvin Bishop; Lynryd Skynryd; Steve Martin; Rod Stewart; Randy Newman
People -- Feb. 20, 1978 Cliff Robertson; Commodores; The Turning Point; Herb Ross; Eva Gabor; Cher Bono; Farrah Fawcett; Georganne LaPiere; Tiny Tim; Stacey Weitzman; Henry Winkler; The One and the Only; Coretta Scott King
Rock & Soul - Jan. 1977 Stevie Wonder; La Belle; Jermaine Jackson; Dwain Vaughns; Ohio Players; Sylvers; Jackson Five; Bob Marley; Diana Ross; The Staples; KC and the Sunshine Band; Commodores; Gladys Knight; Redd Foxx
Teen Beats Rock Stars - 1978 Bay City Rollers; Shaun Cassidy; Marie Osmond; KC and the Sunshine Band; Keane Brothers; Andy Gibb; Peter Frampton; KISS; Rolling Stones; Hall & Oates; Led Zeppelin; Leif Garrett; Bee Gees; Leo Sayer; Donny Osmond; Olivia Newton-John; Elton John; Yes; Barry Manilow; WINGS; Debby Boone; Linda Ronstadt; Fleetwood Mac; Jackson Five; Commodores; The Babys; Jethro Tull; Ted Nugent; Blue Oyster Cult; Bad Company; Rod Stewart; Doobie Brothers
Tigerbeat - Oct. 1978 Shaun Cassidy; Scott Baio; John Travolta; Leif Garrett; Bay City Rollers; Willie Aames; Donny Osmond; Marie Osmond; Andy Gibb; Erik Estrada; Steve Martin; Jimmy McNichol; Kristy McNichol; Robby Benson; Parker Stevenson; Steve Burns; Commodores; Michael Biehn

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