Davies, Ray

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Title Leading Role
Creem -- April 1977 Rolling Stones; Leo Sayer; Lynryd Skynryd; Ray Davies; Gene Simmons; Jimmy Page; David Bowie; The Runaways
Hit Parader -- July 1977 Genesis; Pink Floyd; Spinaddict (Column); Tom Verlaine; Rick Derringer; Led Zeppelin; Bev Bevan; Ted Nugent; Freddie Mercury; Ray Davies
Hit Parader -- May 1976 The Sparks; Chris Spedding; 10cc; Aerosmith; Steven Tyler; Paul Simon; Ray Davies; La Belle; Roger Daltrey
Hit Parader Annual -- Winter 1976 - 1977 Mick Jagger; Freddie Mercury; WINGS; David Bowie; Andy Pratt; Rick Derringer; Elvis Presley; Dr. Feelgood; John Cale; Ray Davies; Patti Smith; Aerosmith; Jimmy Page; Roger Daltrey; KISS; Bad Company; Ron Wood

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