Moon, Keith

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Title Leading Role
Circus -- Oct. 3, 1978 Beatles; Sgt. Peppers Lonely Heart Club Band; The Who; Peter Townsend; Keith Moon; Jesse Winchester; Meat Loaf; El Loafo; Boston; Robin Trower; Natan Sharansky; Joe Namath; Richard Todd; The Eyes of Laura Mars; Jon Peters; Faye Dunaway; David Gilmour
Creem -- June 1976 La Belle; Keith Moon; Ted Nugent; Roxy Music; Bad Company; Taxi Driver
Hit Parader -- Feb. 1979 Gene Simmons; KISS; Ted Nugent; Spinaddict (Column); Michael Jackson; Keith Moon; Black Sabbath; Tom Petty; Boston; Tom Scholz; Peter Criss; Ace Frehely; Paul Stanley; WIllie Nelson
People -- Aug. 16, 1976 Jack Brennan; Elton John; Carol Burnett; Jackie O; Alice Cooper; Keith Moon; Robert Shaw; Anthony Perkins; Dolores Del Rio; Roddy McDowall
R. B. Hollywood - Feb. 1979 Robert Conrad; Robin Williams; Jerry Lewis; Keith Moon; Jon Peters; Judy Norton; Erik Estrada; Mary Tyler Moore; Suzanne Somers; Jacqueline Bissett; George Segal; Elvis Presley; Gary Sandy; Who's Killing the Great Chefs of Europe

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