Miller, Barney

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Title Leading Role
Circus -- Sept. 28, 1979 Thin Lizzy; Crystal Gayle; AC / DC; Bee Gees; KISS; Gene Simmons; Linda Ronstadt; Rolling Stones; Mick Jagger; Led Zeppelin; Peter Gabriel; Jimmy Connors; Nick Nolte; Michael Stanley; Barney Miller; The Who
Screen & T.V. Album - July 1975 Susan Hayward; Charlie Chaplin; Lon Chaney; The Wizard of Oz; Johnny Carson; Lucille Ball; Raymond Burr; Michael Landon; Lynn Landon; Richard Thomas; Alma Thomas; Tony Musante; Sonny Bono; Cher Bono; Barbra Streisand; Robert Redford; Faye Dunaway; Clint Eastwood; Barney Miller; General Hospital; Burt Reynolds; Dinah Shore; Jackie O; Kennedys; Elvis Presley

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