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Title Leading Role
Circus -- May 25, 1978 Paul McCartney; WINGS; Atlanta Rhythm Section; Bootsy Collins; Van Halen; Rotomaker; Rotoscoping; Horslips; Maria Muldaur; Genesis; Fantasy Island; Jon Voight
Rock Scene - July 1978 The Angels; Rick Danko; Bob Marley; Rotomaker; Lou Reed; David Bowie; Heartbreakers; Blondie; American Hot Wax; KISS; ABBA; Leo Sayer; Jerry Lee Lewis; Jefferson Starship; Styx; Parliament; Hawkwind; Rutles; Mick Jagger; Patti Smith; Warren Zevon; David Johansen; Johnny Rotten; Van Halen; Sgt. Peppers Lonely Heart Club Band; Frank Zappa

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