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Title Leading Role
Circus -- Jan. 5, 1978 Dolly Parton; Network; Libby Titus; Jay Ferguson; Randy Newman; The Babys; Genesis; Rush; Sex Pistols; KISS; Beatles; WIlliam Katt; Susan Dey; Annie; Steve Martin
R. B. Hollywood - Feb. 1977 Angie Dickinson; Gregg Henry; James Carroll Jordan; Elvis Presley; Pat Boone; Paul Michael Glaser; Jack Lemmon; Jaclyn Smith; Henry Winkler; Dustin Hoffman; Tom Laughlin; Peter Strauss; Peter Finch; Network; Kate Jackson; Mary Tyler Moore
R. B. Preview - Sept. 1976 Lee Majors; Elvis Presley; Paul Michael Glaser; David Soul; Barbra Streisand; Helen Reddy; Paul Newman; Slap Shot; A Star is Born; Two Minute Warning; Nickelodeon; Network; Perry King

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