Parker, Graham

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Title Leading Role
Circus -- Nov. 24, 1977 Heart; Topaz; Richard Hell; 10cc; Graham Parker; Robin Trower; Dwight Twilley Band; La Belle; Ted Nugent; Rod Stewart; Welcome Back Kotter; Anne Stiller; Anne Meara
Hit Parader -- June 1977 Aerosmith; KISS; Graham Parker; Spinaddict (Column); Alice Cooper; Patti Smith; David Bowie; Tom Scholz; Queen; Fleetwood Mac
Hit Parader -- May 1978 Hall & Oates; Blue Oyster Cult; Spinaddict (Column); KISS; Graham Parker; Neil Young; Michael Corby; The Babys; Queen; Electric Light Orchestra; Linda Ronstadt
Rock -- March 1977 Mary Kay Place; Tommy Bolin; Graham Parker; Artful Dodger; Blondie; Rick Springfield; Venus & the Razerblades; Marilyn Chambers; KISS; Aerosmith; Led Zeppelin; Hall & Oates; Starbuck; Stevie Wonder; David Bromberg
Rock -- March 1978 Elton John; Led Zeppelin; Peter Frampton; Foghat; Steve Miller; Thin Lizzy; Bay City Rollers; Gene Simmons; Ted Nugent; Black Oak; The Babys; Alessi Brothers; Nick Jameson; Tubes; Kenneth Anger; Jan Hammer; Graham Parker; Blue Oyster Cult; Blondie
Rock Scene - May 1977 KISS; Patti Smith; Ted Nugent; Graham Parker; Lou Reed; Ramones; Bee Gees; Aerosmith; Black Sabbath; Lynryd Skynryd
Rocket - Nov. 1978 Rod Stewart; Andy Gibb; Bee Gees; Bob Dylan; Olivia Newton-John; Ace Frehely; Foghat; Jefferson Starship; Elton John; Rolling Stones; Queen; Robert Plant; Todd Rundgren; Little Feat; John Hall; Andrew Gold; Black Oak; Graham Parker; Joe Walsh; Bruce Springsteen; Paul Simon; Roger Daltrey; Jethro Tull; Allan Clarke; Gerry Rafferty; Ringo Starr; Rita Coolidge; Patti Smith; Carlene Carter; Carole King; Robert Gordon; Alice Cooper; Bonnie Koloc

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