Audrey Rose

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Title Leading Role
Circus -- April 28, 1977 Adam Arkin; Pink Floyd; Michael Lee Smith; KISS; Audrey Rose; Ginger Baker; Jack Bruce; Queen
Marquee -- March & April 1977 Julie Christie; Demon Seed; The Eagle Has Landed; Ellen Burstyn; Dirk Bogarde; Elaine Stritch; John Gielgud; Airport 77; Anthony Hopkins; Audrey Rose; Barbara Hershey; Trudy Young; Jan Michael Vincent
Modern Screen -- June 1977 Henry Winkler; Liz Taylor; Erika Slezak; Audrey Rose; Gabe Kaplan; Burt Reynolds; Farrah Fawcett; Kate Jackson; Christopher Reeve; Lily Tomlin; Liv Ullman; Margaret Trudeau; Rolling Stones; Helen Reddy; Robert Powell; Dan Dailey
People -- April 19, 1976 Muhammad Ali; Richard Schall; Bibi Anderson; Linda Blair; David Bowie; Audrey Rose; All the Presidents Men; Eleanor McGovern
R. B. Preview - April 1977 Charlie's Angels; James Brolin; The Car; Lee Majors; Barbra Streisand; A Star is Born; Kris Kristofferson; Audrey Rose; Gray Lady Down; David Carradine
Showbill - April/May 1977 The Greatest; Nasty Habits; Rituals; Handle with Care; Audrey Rose; Marthe Keller; Sylvester Stallone; Mr. Billion; The Eagle Has Landed; Jabberwocky
Teen Beat - Feb. 1977 Donny Osmond; Marie Osmond; Mark Shera; Henry Winkler; David Soul; Paul Michael Glaser; Welcome Back Kotter; Lindsay Wagner; Alan Longmuir; Leif Garrett; Barry Manilow; Glynnis O'Connor; Davy Jones; Bee Gees; Jackie Earle Haley; Walter Murphy; Mackenzie Phillips; Mike Evans; Peter Frampton; Neil Diamond; David Hasselhoff; Pat McGlynn; Peter Strauss; Robert Blake; Audrey Rose
US - July 12, 1977 Ralph Nader; Glen Campbell; Sarah Campbell; Marty Feldman; ABBA; Kitty O'Neill; Muhammad Ali; Audrey Rose; Dr. Joyce Brothers

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