Sentinel, The

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Title Leading Role
Circus -- April 14, 1977 Jethro Tull; Hardy Boys; Ray Davis; David Bowie; Fleetwood Mac; Rick Derringer; The Sentinel; KISS; Rush
Marquee -- Dec. 1976 & Jan. 1977 Fun with Dick and Jane; Slap Shot; Windfall; The Voyage Of the Damned; Bugsy Malone; The Sentinel; Bound for Glory; Jane Fonda; George Segal; Paul Newman; Terence Hill; Jodie Foster; Ava Gardner; Deborah Raffin
Movie World -- June 1977 Gregg Allman; Cher Bono; Sonny Bono; Michael Landon; Mary Tyler Moore; Farrah Fawcett; Marilyn Monroe; John Travolta; Barbra Streisand; Toni Tennille; Freddie Prinze; Lindsay Wagner; Angie Dickinson; Dean Martin; Cindy Williams; Michael Learned; Barbara Eden; Telly Savalas; The Sentinel
R. B. Hollywood - Jan. 1977 Lucille Ball; Bruce Jenner; Beach Boys; Stella Stevens; Diana Ross; Warren Beatty; The Sentinel; Deborah Raffin; Ava Gardner; Chris Sarandon; Christina Raines; Captain & Tennille; David Birney; Dean Martin; Jerry Lewis; Raquel Welch; Frenchy Allen; Ann Margaret; George Segal; Fred Astaire; Barbara Eden
Screen Stories -- April 1977 Burt Reynolds; Tammy Wynette; Jodie Foster; David Ashrow; June Allyson; Cher Bono; Paul Michael Glaser; Barbra Streisand; Henry Winkler; The Sentinel; Thieves; Chris Sarandon; Christina Raines; Marlo Thomas; Charles Grodin

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