Thin Lizzy

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Title Leading Role
Circus -- Dec. 30, 1976 Led Zeppelin; Doug Henning; Ted Nugent; Charlie's Angels; Farrah Fawcett; Thin Lizzy; Sissy Spacek; KISS
Circus -- Sept. 28, 1979 Thin Lizzy; Crystal Gayle; AC / DC; Bee Gees; KISS; Gene Simmons; Linda Ronstadt; Rolling Stones; Mick Jagger; Led Zeppelin; Peter Gabriel; Jimmy Connors; Nick Nolte; Michael Stanley; Barney Miller; The Who
Circus -- Sept. 29, 1977 Keith Richard; Robert Gordon; Pat Travers; Thin Lizzy; Mark Farner; Barbra Streisand; Ted Nugent; Jimi Hendrix; Anson Williams; Muhammad Ali; Superman
Creem -- May 1977 Burton Cummings; Kansas; Blondie; Thin Lizzy; Queen; Dick Clark; Rocky; Fleetwood Mac; Pink Floyd; Iggy Pop; Jethro Tull
Creem -- Nov. 1976 Tommy; Grand Funk Railroad; Thin Lizzy; Johnny Cool; Saturday Night Live; Chevy Chase; Eric Clapton; Eleganza; Rory Gallagher; David Byron; Bite the Bullet
Hit Parader -- March 1977 Peter Frampton; Thin Lizzy; Neil Young; Lou Reed; Linda Blair; KISS; Jefferson Starship
Hit Parader -- Nov. 1976 Elton John; Ian Hunter; David Bowie; Thin Lizzy; Jeff Beck; Mick Jagger; Bryan Ferry; Patti Smith; Paul McCartney
Rock -- July 1977 Alice Cooper; KISS; Queen; Thin Lizzy; Rod Stewart; Aerosmith; Led Zeppelin; Grace Slick; Eagles; Blue Oyster Cult; Al Stewart; Neil Young; Santana; Emerson, Lake & Palmer; Pink Floyd; Klaatu
Rock -- March 1978 Elton John; Led Zeppelin; Peter Frampton; Foghat; Steve Miller; Thin Lizzy; Bay City Rollers; Gene Simmons; Ted Nugent; Black Oak; The Babys; Alessi Brothers; Nick Jameson; Tubes; Kenneth Anger; Jan Hammer; Graham Parker; Blue Oyster Cult; Blondie

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