Angels, The

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Title Leading Role
Circus -- April 13, 1978 KISS; Peter Criss; Barry Manilow; George Benson; Bob Weir; WIllie Nelson; Waylon Jennings; Bachman Turner Overdrive; Rufus; The Angels; Montrose; Sweet; Shields & Yarnell; American Hot Wax; Stan Shaw
Circus -- Feb. 16, 1978 Linda Ronstadt; Robert Plant; Led Zeppelin; Gary Wright; Elvis Presley; Mandrill; Rod Stewart; Boz Scaggs; The Angels; Bette Midler; Gene Wilder; James At 15; Richard Dreyfuss
Circus -- June 22, 1978 The Last Waltz; Elvis Costello; Ritchie Blackmore; Dickey Betts; Todd Rundgren; Garland Jeffreys; Hot Tuna; Patti Smith; The Angels; Carter Country; Susan Newman; Sugar Ray Leonard
Fourteen -- Dec. 1978 Virgin; Leif Garrett; Rosetta Stone; Starsky & Hutch; Laverne & Shirley; Andy Gibb; The Angels; KISS; Shaun Cassidy; Bay City Rollers; Kristy McNichol; Jimmy McNichol; Bee Gees; Kevin Brophy; Debby Boone; Suzanne Somers; Barry Manilow
Groupie Rock -- Aug. 1978 The Angels; Peter Frampton; Toni Basil; KISS; Amanda Lear; Genesis; Van Halen; Starz
Hit Parader -- March 1978 Patti Smith; Spinaddict (Column); The Angels; Foreigner; Aerosmith; Linda Ronstadt; Rick Nelson; The Final Solution; Ramones
Hit Parader Annual -- Winter 1977 - 1978 Peter Frampton; Rolling Stones; Paul Stanley; Sex Pistols; Tom Verlaine; Ted Nugent; Eagles; Iggy Pop; David Bowie; Patti Smith; Rick Derringer; Boston; Bruce Springsteen; Blue Oyster Cult; Led Zeppelin; Fleetwood Mac; The Angels; Freddie Mercury; Kiki Dee; Beatles
Hit Parader Yearbook -- Summer 1978 Elton John; The Angels; Patti Smith; Elvis Presley; Mick Jagger; Hall & Oates; Andy Pratt; Carly Simon; Aerosmith; Ted Nugent; The Babys; Linda Ronstadt; Blue Oyster Cult; Led Zeppelin; Emerson, Lake & Palmer; Kiki Dee
Rock Festival -- Dec. 1978 Bee Gees; Andy Gibb; The Angels; Peter Frampton; Shaun Cassidy; Van Halen; John Travolta; WINGS; KISS; Virgin Records; Leif Garrett; Led Zeppelin; Journey; Rosetta Stone; Dina Regine; Meat Loaf; Parliament
Rock Fever Awards -- Winter 1978 Led Zeppelin; The Who; KISS; Peter Frampton; The Angels; Mahogany; Rush; Aerosmith; Rolling Stones; David Bowie; Supertramp; Queen; The Last Waltz; Mink DeVille; Genesis; Jethro Tull; Paul Simon
Rock Scene - July 1978 The Angels; Rick Danko; Bob Marley; Rotomaker; Lou Reed; David Bowie; Heartbreakers; Blondie; American Hot Wax; KISS; ABBA; Leo Sayer; Jerry Lee Lewis; Jefferson Starship; Styx; Parliament; Hawkwind; Rutles; Mick Jagger; Patti Smith; Warren Zevon; David Johansen; Johnny Rotten; Van Halen; Sgt. Peppers Lonely Heart Club Band; Frank Zappa
Rock Scene - Sept. 1977 Led Zeppelin; John Cale; Patti Smith; KISS; Joe Perry; Elissa Perry; The Angels; Boston; Sex Pistols
Super Teen - Nov. 1978 Ace Frehely; Bay City Rollers; Andy Gibb; Shaun Cassidy; Parker Stevenson; Kristy McNichol; Valerie Bertinelli; Eight is Enough; Olivia Newton-John; Scott Baio; Alessi Brothers; Jaclyn Smith; Samantha Sang; Cheryl Tiegs; The Angels; Greg Evigan; Willie Aames; Andrew Stevens; KC (Harry Wayne Casey); Denise Miller; Rex Smith; Leif Garrett; Jimmy McNichol; Janet Louise Johnson; Virgin; Billy Alessi; Bobby Alessi; Bruce Springsteen
Tigerbeat - Jan. 1978 Donny Osmond; Marie Osmond; Leif Garrett; Shaun Cassidy; Parker Stevenson; John Travolta; Bay City Rollers; Clark Brandon; Jimmy McNichol; Lance Kerwin; Farrah Fawcett; The Angels; Scott Baio; Paul Michael Glaser; David Soul; Lenny Bari; Robby Benson; Willie Aames; Patrick Duffy; Kevin Brophy

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