Lear, Norman

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Title Leading Role
Circus -- Aug. 18, 1977 Peter Frampton; Justin Hayward; Ian Gillian; Grateful Dead; Robby Benson; Steve Martin; Norman Lear; Martin Mull
Circus -- June 17, 1976 Aerosmith; David Bowie; Ian Hunter; Sweet; Peter Frampton; Paul McCartney; WINGS; Beatles; Bob Marley; Dr. Feelgood; Norman Lear; Robin and Marian
People -- Feb. 17, 1975 Patricia Neal; Barry White; Norman Lear; Joanne Woodward; Charles Colson; Richard Nixon; Sally Rand; Edward Albee; Alan Ladd Jr.; Susan Blakely
People -- May 9, 1977 Alex Haley; Roots; Henry Winkler; Groucho Marx; Amy Carter; Kirk Douglas; Michael Douglas; Michael York; Marie Osmond; Margaret O'Brien; Larry Rivers; Robert Duvall; Virginia Carter; Norman Lear; John Avildsen

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