Roxy Music

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Title Leading Role
The Best of Rock Scene -- 1978 KISS; Aerosmith; Queen; Rolling Stones; Led Zeppelin; Patti Smith; David Bowie; Peter Frampton; Elton John; Bob Dylan; WINGS; Bob Gruen; Blue Oyster Cult; Alice Cooper; Robert Gordon; Iggy Pop; Lisa Robinson; Brian Eno; Jeff Beck; Ramones; Lillian Roxon; Bryan Ferry; Rick Wakeman; Blondie; Gene Simmons; Roxy Music
Circus -- March 23, 1976 Lou Reed; 10cc; Bachman Turner Overdrive; Roxy Music; Gene Wilder; Jerry Brown; Deep Purple
Creem -- Feb. 1976 Bob Dylan; Lou Reed; Roxy Music; David Crosby; Bryan Ferry
Creem -- June 1974 Roxy Music; Bryan Ferry; Maria Muldaur; David Bowie; David Essex; Eleganza; Last House on the Left; Mame; Bustie; Where the Lillies Bloom; Cinderlla Liberty; Jeremiah Johnson
Creem -- June 1976 La Belle; Keith Moon; Ted Nugent; Roxy Music; Bad Company; Taxi Driver
Hit Parader -- July 1975 Alice Cooper; Roxy Music; Rick Derringer; Led Zeppelin; Rod Stewart
Spec - Sept. 1974 Donny Osmond; Rick Springfield; David Cassidy; Bruce Lee; Jan Michael Vincent; Beatles; Linda Blair; Elton John; Alice Cooper; Lenny Bruce; Ted Neely; Roxy Music; Lee Majors; John Denver; Shaun Cassidy

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