Gabriel, Peter

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Title Leading Role
Circus -- Dec. 1974 The Guess Who; Foghat; Bad Company; David Bowie; Peter Gabriel
Circus -- Sept. 28, 1979 Thin Lizzy; Crystal Gayle; AC / DC; Bee Gees; KISS; Gene Simmons; Linda Ronstadt; Rolling Stones; Mick Jagger; Led Zeppelin; Peter Gabriel; Jimmy Connors; Nick Nolte; Michael Stanley; Barney Miller; The Who
Hit Parader -- Aug. 1977 Fleetwood Mac; Bryan Ferry; Albert Ayler; Patti Smith; Led Zeppelin; Peter Gabriel; WINGS; Bruce Springsteen
Hit Parader -- Sept. 1977 Peter Frampton; Lou Reed; Spinaddict (Column); Ramones; Peter Gabriel; Rolling Stones; Kiki Dee; Led Zeppelin; Brian Wilson
Hit Parader Annual -- Winter 1979 Billy Joel; Bruce Springsteen; Patti Smith; Bob Dylan; Meat Loaf; Foghat; Peter Gabriel; Ramones; ENO; Hall & Oates; Foreigner; Journey; Bee Gees; Linda Ronstadt; Cheap Trick; Led Zeppelin; Mick Jagger; Kraftwerk; Kansas; Freddie Mercury; KISS; David Bowie; Aerosmith; Queen; Lou Reed; WIlko Johnson; Paul Simon; Alice Cooper; Bryan Ferry; Rod Stewart
Rock Scene - Dec. 1978 Bob Seger; Foreigner; Bee Gees; Andy Gibb; Peter Frampton; Etta James; Foghat; Jefferson Starship; Cheryl Ladd; Peter Gabriel; Bay City Rollers; Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young; John Lennon; Yoko Ono; Elton John; Rolling Stones; Steely Dan; Bob Marley; KISS; Alice Cooper; Rick Derringer; Tom Verlaine; Andy Paley; The Brats; Bill Bradley; The Feelies; B-Girls; The Dictators; Blondie; Bob Dylan; The Runaways; Ramones; Meat Loaf
Rock Scene - July 1976 KISS; Queen; David Bowie; Peter Gabriel; Robert Plant; Lou Reed; Patti Smith
Super Rock - Aug. 1977 Natalie Cole; ABBA; Fleetwood Mac; Artful Dodger; Lynryd Skynryd; Ramones; Bay City Rollers; Sha Na Na; Starz; Mink DeVille; John Cale; Iggy Pop; Nite City; Beatles; Peter Gabriel; Harry Chapin; Rick Derringer

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