Bad Company

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Title Leading Role
Circus -- Dec. 1974 The Guess Who; Foghat; Bad Company; David Bowie; Peter Gabriel
Circus -- July 7, 1977 Linda Blair; The Heretic; KISS; Ian Hunter; Van Morrison; Gary Frank; Mario Custodio; Bad Company; Steve Winwood
Circus -- June 1, 1976 Rolling Stones; Mick Jagger; Tanya Tucker; KISS; Bad Company; Robin Trower
Circus -- March 17, 1977 Bad Company; Roz Kelly; Paul Rodgers; Foghat; Freddie Mercury; Ramones
Circus -- March 31, 1977 Fleetwood Mac; Lynda Carter; Bad Company; Paul Michael Glaser; Genesis; Beatles
Creem -- Aug. 1977 Sex Pistols; Alice Cooper; Joe Walsh; Hall & Oates; KISS; Bad Company; Mick Jagger; Neil Innes; Beatles; Ted Nugent
Creem -- June 1976 La Belle; Keith Moon; Ted Nugent; Roxy Music; Bad Company; Taxi Driver
Hit Parader -- Aug. 1976 Dr. Feelgood; Nazareth; David Johansen; Tommy Bolin; David Bowie; Bad Company; Foghat; Lynryd Skynryd
Hit Parader -- Nov. 1977 Emerson, Lake & Palmer; Dolly Parton; Spinaddict (Column); Lucy Simon; Artful Dodger; Gregg Allman; Led Zeppelin; Peter Frampton; Ted Nugent; Simon Kirke; Bad Company
Hit Parader -- Oct. 1976 Genesis; Rick Derringer; John Cale; Steve Marriott; Andy Pratt; Jimmy Page; Paul McCartney; WINGS; KISS; Jethro Tull; Bad Company
Hit Parader Annual -- Winter 1976 - 1977 Mick Jagger; Freddie Mercury; WINGS; David Bowie; Andy Pratt; Rick Derringer; Elvis Presley; Dr. Feelgood; John Cale; Ray Davies; Patti Smith; Aerosmith; Jimmy Page; Roger Daltrey; KISS; Bad Company; Ron Wood
KISS -- 1977 Gene Simmons; Paul Stanley; Peter Criss; Ace Frehely; KISS; Eagles; Led Zeppelin; WINGS; Peter Frampton; Bad Company; Fleetwood Mac; KC and the Sunshine Band
Rock -- June 1976 David Bowie; Steven Tyler; Led Zeppelin; Elton John; Roger Daltrey; Jethro Tull; Patti Smith; Suzi Quatro; Terry Garthwaite; Ruby Starr; Eric Clapton; Foghat; Jefferson Starship; Rod Stewart; Sweet; Alice Cooper; Black Oak; Bad Company; KISS
Rock -- Sept. 1977 KISS; The Who; Nils Lofgren; Bad Company; Boston; Led Zeppelin; Gary Wright; Blondie; Tornado Sequence -- The Wizard of Oz; Mink DeVille; Justin Hayward; Rush; Kenneth Anger; Tubes
Rock Scene - Sept. 1976 KISS; Bad Company; Ringo Starr; Patti Smith; Keith Richard; David Bowie
Screen Stories -- Dec. 1972 Mary Tyler Moore; Jackie O; Ann Margaret; Dean Martin; Steve McQueen; Sophia Loren; Deliverance; Bad Company; WIlliam Holden
Spec - Feb. 1975 Alice Cooper; David Bowie; Bad Company; Elton John; John Denver; Freddie Prinze; Bruce Lee; Tom Laughlin; Marie Osmond
Super Rock - Dec. 1977 Led Zeppelin; Peter Frampton; Bad Company; Alice Cooper; Simon Kirke; Fleetwood Mac; Bay City Rollers; Starz; Roderick Falconer; Styx; KISS; Linda Ronstadt; Carole King; Elvis Presley; Steven Dees; Ruby Starr
Super Teen - Feb. 1978 Andy Gibb; Cheryl Ladd; Lindsay Wagner; Peter Frampton; Mark Hamill; Shaun Cassidy; Parker Stevenson; Pamela Sue Martin; Robby Benson; Leif Garrett; Donny Osmond; Marie Osmond; KISS; Bay City Rollers; Kristy McNichol; Jimmy McNichol; Willie Aames; Grant Goodeve; Kate Jackson; Jaclyn Smith; Henry Winkler; Bad Company; Greg Evigan
T. V. Star Parade - Sept. 1976 KC and the Sunshine Band; Debralee Scott; Freddie Prinze; Priscilla Presley; Elvis Presley; Henry Winkler; Cher Bono; Paul Michael Glaser; John Travolta; Marie Osmond; Lee Majors; Farrah Fawcett; Rob Reiner; Penny Marshall; Mac Davis; Bad Company; Maeve McGuire
Teen Beats Rock Stars - 1978 Bay City Rollers; Shaun Cassidy; Marie Osmond; KC and the Sunshine Band; Keane Brothers; Andy Gibb; Peter Frampton; KISS; Rolling Stones; Hall & Oates; Led Zeppelin; Leif Garrett; Bee Gees; Leo Sayer; Donny Osmond; Olivia Newton-John; Elton John; Yes; Barry Manilow; WINGS; Debby Boone; Linda Ronstadt; Fleetwood Mac; Jackson Five; Commodores; The Babys; Jethro Tull; Ted Nugent; Blue Oyster Cult; Bad Company; Rod Stewart; Doobie Brothers
Teen Greats Rock Stars - Sept. 1978 Leif Garrett; Shaun Cassidy; Dara Sedaka; Willie Aames; Olivia Newton-John; Peter Frampton; Gene Simmons; Jefferson Starship; ABBA; Rod Stewart; Andy Gibb; Paul McCartney; WINGS; Bee Gees; Elvis Presley; Led Zeppelin; Rolling Stones; The Average White Band; Fleetwood Mac; Kansas; Starz; Manhattan Transfer; Bad Company; Styx; Aerosmith; Rainbow; The Who; Little River Band; Heatwave; Queen; Foreigner; Hot Tuna
Vibes - March 1978 Barry White; Bad Company; Kris Kristofferson; Rita Coolidge; Leo Sayer; Fleetwood Mac; Barbra Streisand; Alessi Brothers; Peter McCann; Andy Gibb; Peter Frampton; Hall & Oates; Ian Anderson; Jethro Tull; John Travolta; Saturday Night Fever

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