Lloyd, Michael

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Title Leading Role
16 - Aug. 1978 Paul Stanley; KISS; Shaun Cassidy; Parker Stevenson; Keane Brothers; Michael Lloyd; Andy Gibb; Leif Garrett; Melissa Gilbert; Rosetta Stone; Jimmy McNichol; Kristy McNichol; The Babys; Paul Nicholas; Alessi Brothers; Bee Gees; Scott Baio; Allison Fonte; Monkees; Jimmy Baio; Jackie Earle Haley; Jeb Adams; The Bad News Bears Go to Japan
16 - Dec. 1978 Shaun Cassidy; Bay City Rollers; Mark Hamill; Rosetta Stone; Sgt. Peppers Lonely Heart Club Band; KISS; Andy Gibb; Leif Garrett; Gene Simmons; Alessi Brothers; Kristy McNichol; Quinn Cummings; Virgin; Peter Frampton; Richard Hatch; Dirk Benedict; Scott Baio; Barry Manilow; John Travolta; Michael Lloyd; Barry Gibb; Les McKeown
16 - July 1978 Leif Garrett; Michael Lloyd; Bay City Rollers; KISS; Gene Simmons; Eight is Enough; Parker Stevenson; Keane Brothers; Jimmy Baio; The Babys; Scott Baio; Sgt. Peppers Lonely Heart Club Band; Robby Benson; Kristy McNichol; Mark Hamill; Rosetta Stone; Alan Longmuir; Beatles; Andy Gibb; Alessi Brothers; Virgin; Player; Striker
Teen Beat - Dec. 1978 Leif Garrett; Andy Gibb; Gene Simmons; Bee Gees; Scott Baio; Bay City Rollers; Parker Stevenson; Larry Wilcox; Bill Bixby; Tammy Lauren; Stephen Shortridge; Adam Rich; Andrew Stevens; Patrick Cassidy; Cheap Trick; Michael Stanley; Paley Brothers; Melissa Gilbert; Donny Osmond; Henry Winkler; Michael Lloyd

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