Alessi Brothers

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Title Leading Role
16 - Aug. 1978 Paul Stanley; KISS; Shaun Cassidy; Parker Stevenson; Keane Brothers; Michael Lloyd; Andy Gibb; Leif Garrett; Melissa Gilbert; Rosetta Stone; Jimmy McNichol; Kristy McNichol; The Babys; Paul Nicholas; Alessi Brothers; Bee Gees; Scott Baio; Allison Fonte; Monkees; Jimmy Baio; Jackie Earle Haley; Jeb Adams; The Bad News Bears Go to Japan
16 - Dec. 1978 Shaun Cassidy; Bay City Rollers; Mark Hamill; Rosetta Stone; Sgt. Peppers Lonely Heart Club Band; KISS; Andy Gibb; Leif Garrett; Gene Simmons; Alessi Brothers; Kristy McNichol; Quinn Cummings; Virgin; Peter Frampton; Richard Hatch; Dirk Benedict; Scott Baio; Barry Manilow; John Travolta; Michael Lloyd; Barry Gibb; Les McKeown
16 - Feb. 1978 Bay City Rollers; Shaun Cassidy; Parker Stevenson; KISS; John Travolta; Alessi Brothers; Leif Garrett; Lee Majors; Clark Brandon; Scott Baio; Andy Gibb; Patrick Duffy; Andrew Stevens; Rosetta Stone
16 - Jan. 1979 Leif Garrett; KISS; Andy Gibb; Bay City Rollers; Les McKeown; Scott Baio; Shaun Cassidy; Erik Estrada; Willie Aames; Peter Frampton; Sgt. Peppers Lonely Heart Club Band; Rosetta Stone; Bee Gees; Little House On the Prairie; Terry McKee; Alessi Brothers; John Travolta; Robin Gibb; Robby Benson; Rex Smith; Richard Hatch; Dirk Benedict; Jeff Conaway; Stephen Shortridge; Robin Williams
16 - July 1978 Leif Garrett; Michael Lloyd; Bay City Rollers; KISS; Gene Simmons; Eight is Enough; Parker Stevenson; Keane Brothers; Jimmy Baio; The Babys; Scott Baio; Sgt. Peppers Lonely Heart Club Band; Robby Benson; Kristy McNichol; Mark Hamill; Rosetta Stone; Alan Longmuir; Beatles; Andy Gibb; Alessi Brothers; Virgin; Player; Striker
16 - June 1979 Shaun Cassidy; Erik Estrada; Michael LeClair; John Schneider; Tom Wopat; Greg Evigan; Leigh McCloskey; Michael Biehn; David Naughton; Alessi Brothers; Rod Stewart; Christopher Reeve; John Travolta; Robby Benson; Virgin; Tom Moody; Jimmy McNichol; Kristy McNichol; Steve March; Willie Aames; Gary Sandy
16 - March 1979 Scott Baio; Dirk Benedict; Richard Hatch; Kenny Loggins; Willie Aames; Steve Guttenberg; Michael LeClair; Gary Sandy; Alessi Brothers; Ian Mitchell; Rosetta Stone; Virgin; The Phantom; John Travolta; Joey Travolta; Eric Roberts; Erik Estrada; Mark Wheeler; Steve Mark; Jeff Conaway; Andy Gibb
16 - Nov. 1978 Bay City Rollers; Leif Garrett; Shaun Cassidy; Hudson Brothers; Andy Gibb; Parker Stevenson; Scott Baio; Paul Jabara; Alessi Brothers; Rosetta Stone; Bee Gees; The Bad News Bears; Robby Benson; Kim Milford; The Omen 2; KISS; John Travolta; Olivia Newton-John; Jeff Conaway; Joey Travolta; Kristy McNichol; Erik Estrada
16 - Oct. 1978 Bay City Rollers; Grease; Andy Gibb; Sha Na Na; Peter Criss; KISS; Shaun Cassidy; Scott Baio; Jaws 2; Sgt. Peppers Lonely Heart Club Band; Ike Eisenmann; Olivia Newton-John; Christina Juttner; Paul Jabara; Paul Nicholas; Alessi Brothers; Kristy McNichol; Virgin; Shawnte Northcutte; Peter Frampton
Rock -- March 1978 Elton John; Led Zeppelin; Peter Frampton; Foghat; Steve Miller; Thin Lizzy; Bay City Rollers; Gene Simmons; Ted Nugent; Black Oak; The Babys; Alessi Brothers; Nick Jameson; Tubes; Kenneth Anger; Jan Hammer; Graham Parker; Blue Oyster Cult; Blondie
Super Teen - Dec. 1978 Shaun Cassidy; Andy Gibb; Gene Simmons; Parker Stevenson; Kristy McNichol; Dean Paul Martin; Debby Boone; Bay City Rollers; Eight is Enough; Bruce Day; Michael Schenker; Michael Biehn; Steven Tyler; Bee Gees; Paul Nicholas; Steve Martin; Farrah Fawcett; Olivia Newton-John; Marie Osmond; Janet Louise Johnson; Alessi Brothers; Steve Burns; Peter Frampton; WIlliam Kirby Cullen; KISS
Super Teen - Nov. 1978 Ace Frehely; Bay City Rollers; Andy Gibb; Shaun Cassidy; Parker Stevenson; Kristy McNichol; Valerie Bertinelli; Eight is Enough; Olivia Newton-John; Scott Baio; Alessi Brothers; Jaclyn Smith; Samantha Sang; Cheryl Tiegs; The Angels; Greg Evigan; Willie Aames; Andrew Stevens; KC (Harry Wayne Casey); Denise Miller; Rex Smith; Leif Garrett; Jimmy McNichol; Janet Louise Johnson; Virgin; Billy Alessi; Bobby Alessi; Bruce Springsteen
Super Teen - Sept. 1978 Janet Louise Johnson; Eight is Enough; Andy Gibb; Parker Stevenson; Debby Boone; Olivia Newton-John; KC (Harry Wayne Casey); John Travolta; Rod Stewart; Cheryl Ladd; Lindsay Wagner; Kristy McNichol; Jimmy McNichol; Denise Miller; Virgin; Andrew Stevens; Alessi Brothers; KISS; Bay City Rollers; Lance Kerwin; Scott Baio; Lawrence Hilton-Jacobs; Muppets; Starz; Cheryl Tiegs; Three's Company; Bee Gees; WIlliam Kirby Cullen; Kevin Brophy
Super Teen Special - 1978 Debby Boone; Kristy McNichol; Parker Stevenson; Shaun Cassidy; Andy Gibb; Valerie Bertinelli; WIlliam Kirby Cullen; Scott Baio; Cher Bono; Gene Simmons; John Travolta; Alessi Brothers; Farrah Fawcett; Lee Majors; Leif Garrett; Bay City Rollers; Erik Estrada; KC (Harry Wayne Casey); Jimmy McNichol; Kevin Brophy; Willie Aames; Marie Osmond; Bee Gees; Kate Jackson; Cheryl Ladd; Jaclyn Smith; Suzanne Somers; Robby Benson
Super Teen Yearbook - 1978 (2) Parker Stevenson; Valerie Bertinelli; KISS; Andy Gibb; Bee Gees; Kristy McNichol; Jimmy McNichol; John Travolta; Olivia Newton-John; Larry Wilcox; Erik Estrada; Eight is Enough; Leif Garrett; Kin Shriner; Denise Gilbert; Melissa Gilbert; Denise Miller; Lance Kerwin; Tanya Tucker; Marie Osmond; Connie Newton; Rosetta Stone; Alessi Brothers; Bay City Rollers; Scott Baio; WIlliam Kirby Cullen; Bruce Boxleitner
Teen Beat - Feb. 1978 Shaun Cassidy; Parker Stevenson; Keane Brothers; Jimmy Baio; Cheryl Ladd; Jaclyn Smith; Marie Osmond; Paul Michael Glaser; Willie Aames; Alessi Brothers; Rosetta Stone; The San Pedro Beach Bums; Lance Kerwin; Lani O'Grady; Logans Run; David Soul; Bay City Rollers; Kristy McNichol
Teen Spectacular - June 1978 Andy Gibb; Willie Aames; Peter Frampton; Bay City Rollers; Alessi Brothers; Shaun Cassidy; Lance Kerwin; Leif Garrett; Suzanne Somers; John Travolta; Sylvester Stallone; Kristy McNichol; Valerie Bertinelli; Rex Smith; Michael Smith; Cheryl Ladd; WIlliam Kirby Cullen; Philip McKeon; Scott Baio
Teen Spectacular - May 1978 Leif Garrett; Scott Baio; Kristy McNichol; Lance Kerwin; Cheryl Ladd; Grant Goodeve; Shaun Cassidy; Andy Gibb; Jaclyn Smith; Parker Stevenson; Ron Palillo; Lenny Bari; Gabriel Melgar; Alessi Brothers; Erin Moran; Peter Frampton; Marie Osmond; Paul Nicholas; Tatum O'Neal; Debby Boone; Striker; Ted Wass; Jimmy McNichol; Adam Rich; Three's Company; Farrah Fawcett; Pamela Sue Martin; Bay City Rollers; Bruce Boxleitner; Robby Benson
Teen Talk - Feb. 1978 John Travolta; Star Wars; Carrie Fisher; Robert Hegyes; Clark Brandon; Gregg Henry; Alessi Brothers; Barry Manilow; David Cassidy; Donny Osmond; Olivia Newton-John; Anson Williams; Fleetwood Mac; Lisa Reeves; Donna Summer; Peter Frampton
Vibes - March 1978 Barry White; Bad Company; Kris Kristofferson; Rita Coolidge; Leo Sayer; Fleetwood Mac; Barbra Streisand; Alessi Brothers; Peter McCann; Andy Gibb; Peter Frampton; Hall & Oates; Ian Anderson; Jethro Tull; John Travolta; Saturday Night Fever

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