Ely, Rick

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Title Leading Role
T. V. Radio Mirror - Oct. 1976 Cher Bono; David Birney; Donny Osmond; Marie Osmond; Farrah Fawcett; Jaclyn Smith; Kate Jackson; Redd Foxx; Demond Wilson; Danny Thomas; Anson Williams; Fran Myers; John LaGioia; Rick Ely; Larry Haines; Love of Life; Search for Tomorrow; Ron Tomme; Ryan's Hope
Teen World - Oct. 1971 Chris Stone; David Cassidy; Osmonds; Bobby Sherman; Susan Dey; Chad Everett; Jackson Five; Pete Duel; Ben Murphy; Barry Williams; Partridge Family; Donny Osmond; Rick Ely; Clarence Williams III; Wes Stern; David Holmes; Michael Cole
Tigerbeat - April 1971 Bobby Sherman; Ron Howard; Chris Stone; David Cassidy; Susan Dey; Rick Ely; Kurt Russell; Philippe Forquet; Partridge Family; Mark Lester; Davy Jones; Barry Williams; Wayne Osmond; Dark Shadows
Tigerbeat - Aug. 1971 Susan Dey; Brian Forster; David Cassidy; Jackson Five; Osmonds; Bobby Sherman; Donny Osmond; Ron Martin; Rick Ely; Philippe Forquet; Pete Duel; Partridge Family; Ben Murphy

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