Gingold, Hermione

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Title Leading Role
Celebrity -- July 1977 Cher Bono; Reggie Jackson; Jaclyn Smith; Lee Grant; Richard Hatch; Richard Chamberlain; Joan Rivers; Tony Bill; Hermione Gingold; Hall & Oates; Mary Travers
R. B. Gossip - Aug. 1975 The Wind and the Lion; Ted Mack; David Essex; Burt Reynolds; Dinah Shore; Lucille Ball; Robert Blake; Lee Marvin; Mary Tyler Moore; Alan Alda; George Burns; Clint Eastwood; James Caan; Liz Taylor; Karl Malden; Julie Andrews; Robert Redford; Georg Stanford Brown; Mark Spitz; Hermione Baddely; Hermione Gingold; Telly Savalas; Connie Stevens

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