Heberle, Kay

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Title Leading Role
R. B. Daytimers - Jan. 1978 All My Children; Macdonald Carey; Tom Fuccello; Search for Tomorrow; Love of Life; Barbara Rodell; Richard Dean Anderson; Andrew Robinson; Kay Heberle; Candice Earley; John Aniston; John Driver; Peter Ratray; Karen Lynn Gorney; Kin Shriner; Morgan Fairchild
R. B. Daytimers - May 1978 Lydia Bruce; Joe Lambie; David Reilly; Wayland Flowers; Josh Taylor; Marie Cheatham; Judith McConnell; Helen Gallagher; Trish Stewart; Kay Heberle; Lee Lawson; Michael Ingram; Tricia Pursley; William Schreiner

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