Smith, Roger

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Title Leading Role
Movie World -- July 1974 Natalie Wood; Robert Wagner; Burt Reynolds; Elvis Presley; Priscilla Presley; Cher Bono; Sonny Bono; Lucille Ball; Desi Arnaz Jr.; Jackie O; Ari Onassis; Telly Savalas; Tony Curtis; Mary Tyler Moore; Raymond Burr; William Conrad; Paul Newman; Joanne Woodward; James Caan; Ann Margaret; Roger Smith; David Carradine
Movie World -- Sept. 1973 Sonny Bono; Cher Bono; Sophia Loren; Peter Sellers; Liza Minnelli; Desi Arnaz Jr.; Tom Jones; Marlon Brando; Raquel Welch; Gardner McKay; Loretta Swit; Mark Spitz; Elvis Presley; Priscilla Presley; Ryan O'Neal; Ursula Andress; Chad Everett; James Brolin; Dean Martin; Cathy Martin; Flip Wilson; Roger Smith; Ann Margaret; Paul Lynde; Liz Taylor; Richard Burton; Bea Arthur; David Carradine; Michael Douglas
Movieland & T.V. Time -- July 1973 Ann Margaret; Roger Smith; Meredith Baxter; Richard Thomas; Chad Everett; Liza Minnelli; Burt Reynolds; Desi Arnaz Jr.; David Gale; Sian Barbara Allen; Maureen McCormick; John Calvin; Olivia Hussey; Dino Martin; Carroll O'Connor
Screen Stars - Dec. 1973 Bill Bixby; Richard Thomas; Diana Rigg; Carroll O'Connor; Mia Farrow; Dean Martin; Liz Taylor; Doris Day; Desi Arnaz Jr.; Robert Wagner; Natalie Wood; Paul Newman; Joanne Woodward; Redd Foxx; Flip Wilson; Ann Margaret; Roger Smith; Tom Jones; Mark Spitz; Elvis Presley; Sonny Bono; Cher Bono; Roger Moore; Burt Reynolds; Dinah Shore
Screen Stars - Feb. 1974 Diana Rigg; Susan Saint James; Richard Thomas; Engelbert Humperdinck; Tom Jones; Flip Wilson; Richard Burton; Liz Taylor; Roger Smith; Ann Margaret; Mary Tyler Moore; Natalie Wood; Robert Wagner; Sonny Bono; Bea Arthur; Liza Minnelli; Mike Connors; Peggy Lipton; Cathy Martin; Dean Martin; Jeanne Martin; Lorne Greene
Screen Stars - March 1975 Connie Francis; Freddie Prinze; Telly Savalas; Cher Bono; Sonny Bono; Goldie Hawn; Ann Margaret; Roger Smith; Sylvester Stallone; The Waltons; Engelbert Humperdinck; Richard Burton; Robert Redford; Kennedys; Carroll O'Connor; WIll Geer; Loretta Swit; Valerie Harper; Tom Jones; Barbara Hershey; David Carradine
Screen Stories -- Aug. 1966 David Janssen; Liz Taylor; Richard Burton; Ann Margaret; Roger Smith; Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf; Arabesque; The Blue Max; Assault on a Queen; The Glass Bottom Boat; This Property is Condemned; What Did You Do in the War Daddy
Screen Stories -- June 1975 Sophia Loren; Walter Pidgeon; Dean Martin; Cathy Martin; Caroline Kennedy; Jackie O; Cher Bono; Michael Caine; The Other Side of the Mountain; Freebie and the Bean; Roger Smith; Ann Margaret; Alana Hamilton; George Hamilton
Screen Stories -- Oct. 1967 Ann Margaret; Roger Smith; Kathy Lennon; Peyton Place; Sally Field; Rosie; Rough Night in Jericho; Meanwhile, Back at the Ranch; Bonnie and Clyde

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