Sorcerer, The

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Title Leading Role
R. B. Preview - Sept. 1977 Star Wars; Cheryl Ladd; Lucille Ball; Mae West; Ann Margaret; James Brolin; Dan Haggerty; The Sorcerer; Bobby Deerfield; Pamela Sue Martin
Screen Stories -- Oct. 1977 Peter O'Toole; Cher Bono; Gregg Allman; Vicki Lawrence; Frank Sinatra; Liz Taylor; Farrah Fawcett; Jaclyn Smith; Dennis Cole; Paul Michael Glaser; David Soul; Shaun Cassidy; David Cassidy; Paul Newman; Burt Reynolds; Sylvester Stallone; The Sorcerer; The Bad News Bears in Breaking Training
Showbill - July 1977 Rollercoaster; New York New York; The Spy Who Loved Me; The Deep; Orca, the Killer Whale; The Other Side of Midnight; The Heretic; Fire Sale; The Sorcerer; A Bridge to Far

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