Pink Panther Strikes Again, The

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Title Leading Role
Movie World -- April 1977 John Travolta; Cher Bono; Freddie Prinze; Lindsay Wagner; Michael Brandon; Donny Osmond; Marie Osmond; Henry Winkler; Richard Thomas; Cindy Williams; Paul Michael Glaser; Farrah Fawcett; Lee Majors; Earl Holliman; Angie Dickinson; Elvis Presley; Jaclyn Smith; Sylvester Stallone; Peter Strauss; Lynda Carter; The Pink Panther Strikes Again; Tony Randall
T. V. & Movie Gossip - Jan. 1977 Angie Dickinson; Cher Bono; Gregg Allman; Henry Winkler; Paul Michael Glaser; Farrah Fawcett; Barbra Streisand; Lucille Ball; David Soul; Paul Newman; The Pink Panther Strikes Again

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