Johnson, Lynda Bird

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Title Leading Role
Movie World -- May 1968 Frank Sinatra; Mia Farrow; WIlliam Shatner; Lynda Bird Johnson; Pat Nixon; Ryan O'Neal; Leigh Taylor Young; Faye Dunaway; David Hemmings; Dack Rambo; Tony Scotti; Liz Taylor; Richard Burton; Judy Carne; Kathy Casey; Christopher George; Frank Converse
People -- Nov. 28, 1977 Shirley MacLaine; Marthe Keller; Al Pacino; Tim Nugent; Millie Perkins; Richard Burton; Susan Hunt; Lillian Hellman; Lynda Bird Johnson; Ethel Kennedy; Esther Rolle; Lily Tomlin; Pat Boone; Kasey Cisyk; Ted Nugent
Screen Stories -- July 1966 Robert Vaughn; Lynda Bird Johnson; George Hamilton; Connie Stevens; A Fine Madness; A Big Hand For the Little Lady; Modesty Blaise; Around the World Under the Sea; Blindfold; Nevada Smith
Screen Stories -- Nov. 1966 Mia Farrow; Lynda Bird Johnson; Liz Taylor; Richard Burton; Hawaii; An American Dream; Alvarez Kelly; 13; Mister Buddwing

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