End, The

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Title Leading Role
Movie Life -- July 1978 Sylvester Stallone; Debby Boone; Suzanne Somers; Marie Osmond; WIlliam Katt; Elvis Presley; Lionel Hampton; David Bowie; Henry Winkler; Joan Rivers; Faye Dunaway; John Wayne; The End; A Different Story; Cindy Williams; Penny Marshall
Movie Life Yearbook -- Summer 1978 Brooke Shields; John Travolta; Sylvester Stallone; Cher Bono; Foster Sylvers; Convoy; The End; Corvette Summer; John Crawford; John Wayne; Farrah Fawcett; Billy Crystal; Saturday Night Live; Richard Hatch; Donna Summer
R. B. Preview - May 1978 Kate Jackson; Cheryl Ladd; Jaclyn Smith; Barbra Streisand; Liza Minnelli; Bee Gees; Jane Fonda; Richard Burton; Donna Pescow; Karen Lynn Gorney; Barry Miller; F.I.S.T.; Casey's Shadow; The End
Screen & T.V. Album - July 1978 Lance Kerwin; Mackenzie Phillips; Leif Garrett; Farrah Fawcett; Suzanne Somers; The End; Jay Leno; Joyce DeWitt; Anson Williams; Eileen Fulton; Andy Gibb; MASH; Marcia Strassman; Kristy McNichol; Connie Newton

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