All in the Family

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Title Leading Role
Movie & T.V. Tattler -- Sept. 1974 David Carradine; All in the Family; Michael Learned; Bill Macy; Jackie O; Cher Bono; Alan Alda; Liza Minnelli; William Conrad; Linda Blair; Loretta Lynn
Photo Mirror -- Sept. 1972 All in the Family; Desi Arnaz; Liza Minnelli; Robert Young; Sonny Bono; Cher Bono; Sandy Duncan; Peter Falk; Ben Murphy; Pete Duel; Redd Foxx; Mary Tyler Moore; Liz Taylor; Lawrence Welk; David Cassidy; Dinah Shore; Burt Reynolds; Clark Gable; Wanda Jackson
Screen Stories -- July 1973 Dean Martin; Cher Bono; Sonny Bono; Sarah Miles; Dinah Shore; Burt Reynolds; Lawrence Welk; Ryan O'Neal; Tatum O'Neal; Patty Duke; John Wayne; Angie Dickinson; Robert Redford; Robert Mitchum; Rita Hayworth; All in the Family; Brother Sun, Sister Moon; The Neptune Factor
Silver Screen - June 1973 Brady Bunch; Dyan Cannon; Paul Lynde; Bill Cosby; Anthony Quinn; Mia Farrow; Katherine Glass; Lucie Arnaz; Jim Bailey; Peggy Lipton; All in the Family; Robert Redford; Natalie Wood; Robert Wagner; The Doctors
T. V. Picture Life - June 1975 Peter Falk; Jackie O; Cher Bono; Sonny Bono; MASH; Elvis Presley; Julie Kavner; Freddie Prinze; Bubonic Plague; All in the Family; Tanya Tucker; Susan Ford; Telly Savalas
T. V. Radio Mirror - April 1976 Michael Landon; All in the Family; Captain & Tennille; Mary Tyler Moore; Mike Farrell; Adrienne Barbeau; Johnny Rodriguez; Liz Torres; Osmonds; John McCook; Jaime Lyn Bauer; David Hasselhoff; Janice Lynde; Ann Flood
T. V. Superstar Yearbook - 1976 Karl Malden; Barry Newman; Jodie Foster; Paul Michael Glaser; Judith Lowry; Ron Palillo; Henry Winkler; Liz Taylor; All in the Family

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