Foul Play

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Title Leading Role
People -- Oct. 2, 1978 Janie Fricke; Foul Play; Cyril Magnin; Alfred Kahn; Bobby Kennedy Jr.; Geraldine Chaplin; Robert Conrad; Jack Kerouac; Terence Malick; Days of Heaven; Doug McClure; Steven Ford; Richard Nixon; Laurence Olivier; James Brolin; Ted Nugent
R. B. Preview - Aug. 1978 Farrah Fawcett; Kate Jackson; Jaclyn Smith; Cheryl Ladd; Jacqueline Bissett; Nick Nolte; Fred Astaire; Helen Hayes; A Family Upside Down; Harvey Korman; John Ritter; Gavin MacLeod; Joyce DeWitt; Foul Play; The Promise; National Lampoon's Animal House
T. V. Picture Life - Nov. 1978 Sgt. Peppers Lonely Heart Club Band; John Travolta; Joey Travolta; Princess Caroline; Philippe Junot; Warren Beatty; Foul Play; Bruce Boxleitner; Elvis Presley; Cher Bono; Paul Michael Glaser; Farrah Fawcett; Jaclyn Smith; Marie Osmond; Judy Holliday

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