Saturday Night Fever

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Title Leading Role
16 - Nov. 1977 Shaun Cassidy; Bay City Rollers; Pat McGlynn; Henry Winkler; Keane Brothers; KISS; John Travolta; Saturday Night Fever; Monkees; David Soul; The Kids From C.A.P.E.R.; Les McKeown; Leif Garrett; Robby Benson; Mark Hamill
People -- April 24, 1978 Frank Sinatra; Saturday Night Fever; John Travolta; Princess Margaret; Roddy Llewellyn; Betty Ford; Phil Donahue; Linda Lavin; Jane Fonda; Toni Tennille; Richard Nixon; Jerry Lee Lewis; Vanessa Redgrave
R. B. Preview - April 1978 John Travolta; Saturday Night Fever; Diane Keaton; Woody Allen; Annie Hall; Ron Howard; Debby Boone; Kris Kristofferson; Peter Frampton; John Ritter; Mean Dog Blues; Crossed Swords; Ted Wass
Showbill - Jan. 1978 Richard Brooks; The Worlds Greatest Lover; Telefon; Close Encounters Of the Third Kind; Another Man, Another Chance; The Duellists; Saturday Night Fever; The Goodbye Girl; The Choirboys; The Gauntlet; Barbra Streisand; Gene Wilder; Charles Bronson; Marsha Mason
T. V. & Movie Gossip - March 1978 John Ritter; Farrah Fawcett; Lee Majors; Paul Michael Glaser; Jaclyn Smith; Elvis Presley; Priscilla Presley; Parker Stevenson; Saturday Night Fever; John Travolta; Andy Gibb; Bing Crosby
T. V. Radio Talk - Nov. 1977 Bill Anderson; Saturday Night Fever; Elvis Presley; Henry Winkler; Sylvester Stallone; Jaclyn Smith; Charlie's Angels; Kate Jackson; Parker Stevenson; Willie Aames; Shaun Cassidy; Semi Tough; Kris Kristofferson; Burt Reynolds; Paul Newman; Joanne Woodward
Teen Beats - John Travolta & Peter Frampton - 1978 Peter Frampton; John Travolta; Welcome Back Kotter; Saturday Night Fever; Sgt. Peppers Lonely Heart Club Band; Grease
Teen Super Star - Oct. 1978 Bee Gees; Andy Gibb; Peter Frampton; Saturday Night Fever; Sgt. Peppers Lonely Heart Club Band
Vibes - March 1978 Barry White; Bad Company; Kris Kristofferson; Rita Coolidge; Leo Sayer; Fleetwood Mac; Barbra Streisand; Alessi Brothers; Peter McCann; Andy Gibb; Peter Frampton; Hall & Oates; Ian Anderson; Jethro Tull; John Travolta; Saturday Night Fever

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