Rio, Dolores Del

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Title Leading Role
Movie Life -- June 1978 Kate Jackson; Jaclyn Smith; Andrew Stevens; Suzanne Somers; Alan Hamel; John Travolta; Linda Ronstadt; Bianca Jagger; Diane Keaton; Genevieve Bujold; Clint Eastwood; Frank Adonis; Richard Dreyfuss; Cheryl Ladd; Jane Fonda; Grease; F.I.S.T.; The Great Brain; Love on the Nile; Meredith MacRae; Cesar Romero; Rita Hayworth; Dolores Del Rio
People -- Aug. 16, 1976 Jack Brennan; Elton John; Carol Burnett; Jackie O; Alice Cooper; Keith Moon; Robert Shaw; Anthony Perkins; Dolores Del Rio; Roddy McDowall

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