Gable and Lombard

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Title Leading Role
People -- March 1, 1976 Patty Hearst; Michael Caine; Gable and Lombard; Steven Ford; David Bowie; Mitzi Gaynor; Arthur Fiedler; Rip Torn
R. B. Hollywood - July 1975 Raquel Welch; Liza Minnelli; Cher Bono; John Denver; Valerie Perrine; Gable and Lombard; William Conrad; Marisa Berenson; Paul Williams; Lauren Bacall; George Peppard; Charles Bronson; Fabian; Freddie Prinze
Screen & T.V. Album - Sept. 1975 (1) Roy Rogers; Jim Stafford; Telly Savalas; Rodney Dangerfield; Angie Dickinson; Caribe; Burt Reynolds; John Wayne; John Denver; Tatum O'Neal; Tuesday Weld; Dean Martin; Gable and Lombard; Elvis Presley; Jackie O; Raquel Welch; Freddie Prinze; Cher Bono; Liz Taylor; Richard Burton; Valerie Harper; Richard Schall; Robert Redford; Lola Redford; Lynn Deerfield; Bill Beutel
Screen Stories -- April 1976 Mae West; Angie Dickinson; Barbra Streisand; Elvis Presley; Jackie O; Caroline Kennedy; Mark Shand; Hayley Mills; Mike Douglas; Diane Ladd; Peter O'Toole; Gable and Lombard; Scaramouche; Michael Sarrazin; Jill Clayburgh; Ursula Andress

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