Skelton, Red

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Title Leading Role
People -- May 19, 1975 Red Skelton; Charles Lindbergh; Sheila Silver; Karl Hess; Paul Newman; Joanne Woodward; Bill Cosby; Liz Taylor
Screen Stories -- Aug. 1968 Katherine Hepburn; Warren Beatty; Julie Christie; Doris Day; Red Skelton; Robert Wagner; Carl Betz; Gloria Betz; Boom; The Secret Life of an American Wife; Five Card Stud; Where Were You When the Lights Went Out?
Screen Stories -- July 1969 Oscars; Richard Harris; Liz Taylor; Red Skelton; True Grit; Che; Topaz; The Trouble with Girls and How to Get Into it; Popi
Screen Stories -- Nov. 1967 Lesley Ann Warren; Jane Fonda; Red Skelton; My Three Sons; Barbara Parkins; John Phillip Law; Camelot; Who's Minding the Mint; Far From the Madding Crowd; The Long Duel

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