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Title Leading Role
Movie Stars -- Oct. 1977 Cheryl Ladd; Parker Stevenson; David Soul; Elvis Presley; Cindy Williams; Georganne LaPiere; Hal Linden; Ian Ogilvy; Muppets; Kennedys; Chevy Chase; Beatles
People -- Sept. 4, 1978 F. Lee Bailey; Patty Hearst; Julie Eisenhower; David Eisenhower; Bruce Boxleitner; Robert Redford; Alice Cooper; Fran Lebowitz; Farrah Fawcett; James Garner; Jimi Hendrix; Sgt. Peppers Lonely Heart Club Band; Peter Frampton; Bee Gees; Beatles; Charo; Xavier Cugat; Allman Brothers; Donny Osmond; Billy Carter; Raquel Welch; Muppets; Margaret Trudeau
Super Teen - Sept. 1978 Janet Louise Johnson; Eight is Enough; Andy Gibb; Parker Stevenson; Debby Boone; Olivia Newton-John; KC (Harry Wayne Casey); John Travolta; Rod Stewart; Cheryl Ladd; Lindsay Wagner; Kristy McNichol; Jimmy McNichol; Denise Miller; Virgin; Andrew Stevens; Alessi Brothers; KISS; Bay City Rollers; Lance Kerwin; Scott Baio; Lawrence Hilton-Jacobs; Muppets; Starz; Cheryl Tiegs; Three's Company; Bee Gees; WIlliam Kirby Cullen; Kevin Brophy
T. V. Star Annual - Jan. 1978 Cheryl Ladd; Jaclyn Smith; Kate Jackson; David Soul; Paul Michael Glaser; Shaun Cassidy; Parker Stevenson; Valerie Bertinelli; Dick van Patten; Ron Palillo; Muppets; John Ritter; Suzanne Somers; Soap; Brenda Vaccaro; Kristy McNichol; Olivia Newton-John; John Travolta; Erik Estrada; Larry Wilcox; CHIPS; Henry Winkler; Nick Nolte; Georgia Engel; Mark Hamill
Teen Fever -- Feb. 1979 Vince van Patten; Farrah Fawcett; John Travolta; Kristy McNichol; Scott Baio; Mark Hamill; Jimmy McNichol; Suzanne Somers; Family; Muppets; Chevy Chase; Penny Marshall; Rob Reiner; American Graffiti; Purple Haze; Dirk Benedict; Henry Winkler; Lily Tomlin; Erik Estrada; Ricky Schroeder; Hudson Brothers; Mike Douglas; Shaun Cassidy; Donny Osmond; Marie Osmond; Alison Arngrim; Ken Marshall; Anson Williams; Bay City Rollers; Villiage Idiots; Levar Burton; The Champ; Paul Jabara

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