Time After Time

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Title Leading Role
Marquee -- Sept. & Oct. 1979 Yanks; Al Pacino; And Justice for All; Quadrophenia; The Kids Are Alright; The Who; Farrah Fawcett; Sunburn; Time After Time; Nosferatu; When a Stranger Calls; Carol Kane
R. B. Gossip - Sept. 1979 Shelley Hack; Kenny Rogers; Oak Ridge Boys; Tanya Tucker; Tom Berenger; Tony Danza; Gil Gerard; Time After Time; Malcolm McDowell; Hanover Street; Ginger Rogers; Rita Hayworth; Lesley-Anne Down; Willie Aames; Greg Evigan; Linda Kelsey; Lauren Bacall; Humphrey Bogart; Lee Majors; Farrah Fawcett; Lee Remick; Henry Winkler; Robin Williams; Happy Days; Michael Douglas

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