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Title Leading Role
Marquee -- April 1978 The Greek Tycoon; Jacqueline Bissett; Silver Bears; One Man; Kirk Douglas; Sylvester Stallone; F.I.S.T.; John Travolta; Diana Hyland; Robert Altman; House Calls; Walter Matthau; Glenda Jackson; Anthony Quinn
Movie Life -- June 1978 Kate Jackson; Jaclyn Smith; Andrew Stevens; Suzanne Somers; Alan Hamel; John Travolta; Linda Ronstadt; Bianca Jagger; Diane Keaton; Genevieve Bujold; Clint Eastwood; Frank Adonis; Richard Dreyfuss; Cheryl Ladd; Jane Fonda; Grease; F.I.S.T.; The Great Brain; Love on the Nile; Meredith MacRae; Cesar Romero; Rita Hayworth; Dolores Del Rio
People -- May 8, 1978 Cornelia Wallace; Fleetwood Mac; Pete Rose; Michael Moriarty; Jack LaLanne; Natalie Cole; F.I.S.T.; Sylvester Stallone; Prince Albert; Tony Peck; Marcel Marceau; Peter Frampton; Prince Andrew; Jacqueline Bissett; Edd Byrnes; The Turning Point; Dobie Gillis; Betty Ford
Photoplay -- Nov. 1977 Paul Michael Glaser; Valentino; Groucho Marx; Sebastion Cabot; Sylvester Stallone; Marshall Tucker Band; F.I.S.T.; Jon Peters; Farrah Fawcett; Elvis Presley
R. B. Hollywood - Sept. 1978 Henry Winkler; Stacey Weitzman; Donny Osmond; Sophia Loren; Robert Redford; Judy Carne; David Groh; Joseph Bottoms; Michael Moriarty; Tovah Feldshuh; Holocaust; Sylvester Stallone; Sasha Stallone; Tony Randall; Bee Gees; Peter Strauss; F.I.S.T.
R. B. Preview - May 1978 Kate Jackson; Cheryl Ladd; Jaclyn Smith; Barbra Streisand; Liza Minnelli; Bee Gees; Jane Fonda; Richard Burton; Donna Pescow; Karen Lynn Gorney; Barry Miller; F.I.S.T.; Casey's Shadow; The End
Showbill - May 1978 Jill Clayburgh; Joan Rivers; An Unmarried Woman; If Ever I See You Again; Oscars; The Last Waltz; Sylvester Stallone; F.I.S.T.

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