Turning Point, The

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Title Leading Role
Marquee -- Oct. 1977 Al Pacino; Marthe Keller; Bobby Deerfield; Mae West; Anne Bancroft; Shirley MacLaine; The Turning Point; John Denver; George Burns; Oh God; Henry Winkler; Heroes; Looking for Mr. Goodbar; Diane Keaton; Jane Fonda; Vanessa Redgrave; Julia; Sally Field
People -- Feb. 20, 1978 Cliff Robertson; Commodores; The Turning Point; Herb Ross; Eva Gabor; Cher Bono; Farrah Fawcett; Georganne LaPiere; Tiny Tim; Stacey Weitzman; Henry Winkler; The One and the Only; Coretta Scott King
People -- May 8, 1978 Cornelia Wallace; Fleetwood Mac; Pete Rose; Michael Moriarty; Jack LaLanne; Natalie Cole; F.I.S.T.; Sylvester Stallone; Prince Albert; Tony Peck; Marcel Marceau; Peter Frampton; Prince Andrew; Jacqueline Bissett; Edd Byrnes; The Turning Point; Dobie Gillis; Betty Ford

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