New York New York

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Title Leading Role
Marquee -- May & June 1977 Jacqueline Bissett; Nick Nolte; Robert Shaw; The Deep; Sid Caesar; Rob Reiner; Liza Minnelli; Robert De Niro; New York New York; Daniel Pilon; The Heretic; A Bridge to Far; WIlliam Friedklin; Rollercoaster; George Segal
R. B. Gossip Super Special - Summer 1977 Farrah Fawcett; Jaclyn Smith; Robby Benson; Charles Grodin; Burt Reynolds; Sally Field; Lynda Carter; Ron Samuels; Lucille Ball; Barbra Streisand; Kris Kristofferson; Sylvester Stallone; Paul Michael Glaser; Olivia Newton-John; Sissy Spacek; WIlliam Katt; Lee Remick; Lee Majors; Robert De Niro; Liza Minnelli; New York New York; Gregory Peck; MacArthur; White Buffalo; Roots; Sonny Bono; Cher Bono; Randolph Mantooth; Kevin Tighe; Emergency; Charles Bronson; Kim Novak
R. B. Preview - Jan. 1977 Nick Nolte; Jacqueline Bissett; Robert Shaw; Liza Minnelli; Robert De Niro; New York New York; Captain & Tennille; The Prince and the Pauper; Airport 77; The Death of Richie; Robby Benson; Bruce Jenner
Showbill - July 1977 Rollercoaster; New York New York; The Spy Who Loved Me; The Deep; Orca, the Killer Whale; The Other Side of Midnight; The Heretic; Fire Sale; The Sorcerer; A Bridge to Far
T. V. & Movie Screen - July 1977 (2) David Cassidy; Sylvester Stallone; David Soul; Farrah Fawcett; Kate Jackson; Jaclyn Smith; Lynda Carter; Henry Winkler; Kris Kristofferson; Dan Haggerty; Bridges; Cindy Williams; Peter Frampton; Richard Thomas; Georganne LaPiere; Sinbad and the Eye Of the Tiger; The Other Side of Midnight; New York New York; White Buffalo; The Deep

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