Voyage Of the Damned, The

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Title Leading Role
Marquee -- Dec. 1976 & Jan. 1977 Fun with Dick and Jane; Slap Shot; Windfall; The Voyage Of the Damned; Bugsy Malone; The Sentinel; Bound for Glory; Jane Fonda; George Segal; Paul Newman; Terence Hill; Jodie Foster; Ava Gardner; Deborah Raffin
People -- Feb. 14, 1977 The Voyage Of the Damned; Liz Taylor; Freddie Prinze; Barbara Mandrell; Roman Polanski; Sissy Spacek; Barbra Streisand; Dick Clark; Julie Newmar; Ralph Waite
R. B. Hollywood - May 1977 Barbra Streisand; Kris Kristofferson; Sissy Spacek; Robert Redford; Doris Day; Carol Lynley; Lee Marvin; Peter Lawford; The Voyage Of the Damned; Nick Nolte; Lucille Ball; John Travolta; Dom DeLuise; Gene Wilder; Julie Christie; Jack Cassidy; David Soul; Charlie's Angels
R. B. Preview - Feb. 1977 Elvis Presley; Leigh McCloskey; Perry King; Richard Jordan; Sam Elliott; Woody Allen; Liza Minnelli; Lucille Ball; Richard Hatch; Kathleen Quinlan; The Voyage Of the Damned; Second Wind; Bound for Glory; Shout at the Devil; Faye Dunaway; Barbara Parkins

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