Fun with Dick and Jane

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Title Leading Role
Marquee -- Dec. 1976 & Jan. 1977 Fun with Dick and Jane; Slap Shot; Windfall; The Voyage Of the Damned; Bugsy Malone; The Sentinel; Bound for Glory; Jane Fonda; George Segal; Paul Newman; Terence Hill; Jodie Foster; Ava Gardner; Deborah Raffin
R. B. Preview - Nov. 1976 Lindsay Wagner; Michael Brandon; Dustin Hoffman; Roy Scheider; Marathon Man; Clint Eastwood; John Savage; Randolph Mantooth; David Birney; Kate Jackson; The Last Hard Men; The Front; Fun with Dick and Jane; George Segal; Jane Fonda; Charlton Heston; Jaclyn Smith
Screen & T.V. Album - May 1977 Welcome Back Kotter; Engelbert Humperdinck; Jan Michael Vincent; David Soul; Elvis Presley; Priscilla Presley; Charlie's Angels; Cher Bono; Mark Shera; Bea Arthur; Barry Manilow; Marie Osmond; Donny Osmond; Lucille Ball; Richard Harris; John Travolta; Henry Winkler; Al Pacino; The Cassandra Crossing; Fun with Dick and Jane; Cindy Williams; Penny Marshall; Don Rickles; Keane Brothers; Rosalind Russell; Judith Lowry
Showbill - Feb./March 1977 Casanova; Twilight's Last Gleamng; Airport 77; Black Sunday; Fun with Dick and Jane; Slap Shot; Thieves

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