Reed, Rex

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Title Leading Role
Marquee -- Oct. & Nov. 1976 Two Minute Warning; Clyde Gilmour; The Front; Woody Allen; Obsession; Genevieve Bujold; Rex Reed; Alex and the Gypsy; The Ritz; Cliff Robertson
Motion Picture -- Dec. 1976 Rex Reed; Dean Martin; Jerry Lewis; Marlon Brando; Marilyn Monroe; Beatles; Rudolph Valentino; Liz Taylor; Al Pacino; Humphrey Bogart; Bette Davis; Elvis Presley; Greta Garbo; Frank Sinatra; Judy Garland; Tab Hunter; W.C. Fields
Motion Picture -- Oct. 1974 Caroline Kennedy; Natalie Wood; Sonny Bono; Cher Bono; Clark Gable; Mae West; Joan Kennedy; Groucho Marx; Rex Reed; Jackie O
Photo Screen -- Aug. 1976 Doris Day; Sonny Bono; Cher Bono; John Travolta; Lawrence Welk; Steve Forrest; Sally Field; Thats Entertainment Part 2; David Soul; Louise Fletcher; Rex Reed; Ali MacGraw; Steve McQueen; Sophia Loren

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