Two Minute Warning

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Title Leading Role
Marquee -- Oct. & Nov. 1976 Two Minute Warning; Clyde Gilmour; The Front; Woody Allen; Obsession; Genevieve Bujold; Rex Reed; Alex and the Gypsy; The Ritz; Cliff Robertson
R. B. Preview - Sept. 1976 Lee Majors; Elvis Presley; Paul Michael Glaser; David Soul; Barbra Streisand; Helen Reddy; Paul Newman; Slap Shot; A Star is Born; Two Minute Warning; Nickelodeon; Network; Perry King
Screen Stories -- July 1976 Dustin Hoffman; Sonny Bono; Cher Bono; Burt Reynolds; Brenda Vaccaro; James Caan; James Farentino; Cloris Leachman; George Englund; Two Minute Warning; Dragonfly
Teen Talk - Nov. 1976 Kiki Dee; David Bowie; Elvis Presley; The Love Machine; Two Minute Warning; Osmonds; Philip Thomas; Peter Hinwood; Elton John; Sam Elliott; Jan Michael Vincent; Judy Norton; Anson Williams; Peter Frampton; Penny Marshall; Terry Locke; Paul McCartney; Bo Donaldson; Heywoods; Jon Walmsley; Brian Russell; Brenda Russell; Henry Winkler; Wonder Woman; Richard Dreyfuss; The Brothers Johnson

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