Artful Dodger

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Title Leading Role
Hit Parader -- Nov. 1977 Emerson, Lake & Palmer; Dolly Parton; Spinaddict (Column); Lucy Simon; Artful Dodger; Gregg Allman; Led Zeppelin; Peter Frampton; Ted Nugent; Simon Kirke; Bad Company
Rock -- March 1977 Mary Kay Place; Tommy Bolin; Graham Parker; Artful Dodger; Blondie; Rick Springfield; Venus & the Razerblades; Marilyn Chambers; KISS; Aerosmith; Led Zeppelin; Hall & Oates; Starbuck; Stevie Wonder; David Bromberg
Rock Scene - Jan. 1977 Elton John; Patti Smith; Aerosmith; Led Zeppelin; Ramones; John Cale; KISS; Jimmy Carter; Fleetwood Mac; Rick Derringer; Alice Cooper; Bay City Rollers; Artful Dodger
Super Rock - Aug. 1977 Natalie Cole; ABBA; Fleetwood Mac; Artful Dodger; Lynryd Skynryd; Ramones; Bay City Rollers; Sha Na Na; Starz; Mink DeVille; John Cale; Iggy Pop; Nite City; Beatles; Peter Gabriel; Harry Chapin; Rick Derringer

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