Young, Leigh Taylor

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Title Leading Role
Movie Mirror -- May 1971 Dustin Hoffman; Anne Hoffman; Audrey Hepburn; Andy Griffith; Faye Dunaway; Henry Fonda; Barbara Parkins; Michael Constantine; Jo Ann Castle; Liz Taylor; Gregory Peck; James Stewart; Ryan O'Neal; Leigh Taylor Young; John Cassavetes; Connie Stevens
Movie Mirror -- Sept. 1973 Jane Brolin; Jackie O; Liza Minnelli; Peter Sellers; Elvis Presley; Liz Taylor; Mary Tyler Moore; Flip Wilson; Leigh Taylor Young; Marlon Brando; Myrna Fahey; Lily Tomlin
Movie World -- Dec. 1971 Shirley Jones; David Cassidy; Susan Dey; Mary Tyler Moore; Danny Thomas; Patty Duke; Desi Arnaz Jr.; Lucille Ball; Elvis Presley; Priscilla Presley; Ali MacGraw; Ryan O'Neal; Omar Sharif; Leigh Taylor Young; Elliott Gould; Barbra Streisand; Peggy Lipton; Tom Jones; James Brolin; Jane Brolin; Liz Taylor; Richard Burton; John Wayne; Joan Crawford; Natalie Wood; Joan Kennedy; Ted Kennedy; Michael Landon
Movie World -- May 1968 Frank Sinatra; Mia Farrow; WIlliam Shatner; Lynda Bird Johnson; Pat Nixon; Ryan O'Neal; Leigh Taylor Young; Faye Dunaway; David Hemmings; Dack Rambo; Tony Scotti; Liz Taylor; Richard Burton; Judy Carne; Kathy Casey; Christopher George; Frank Converse
Movieland & T.V. Time -- Dec. 1974 Dean Martin; Olivia Hussey; Leigh Taylor Young; Liza Minnelli; Jack Hayley; Ron Tomme; Mary Stuart; Susan Sullivan; Erika Slezak; Anthony George; John Beradino; Elvis Presley; Debbie Reynolds; Alan Alda; Jean Stapleton; Patti Cohoon; Tom Jones; Sam Melville; Liz Taylor
Screen Stories -- Jan. 1969 Kennedys; Jackie O; Ari Onassis; Warren Beatty; Ryan O'Neal; Leigh Taylor Young; The Big Bounce; Raymond Burr; Lucille Ball; Isadora; Lady in Cement; The Impossible Years; The Shoes Of the Fisherman; Winning
Screen Stories -- June 1967 Michael Caine; Lynn Redgrave; Vanessa Redgrave; Monkees; Lee Majors; Leigh Taylor Young; Triple Cross; Eight on the Lam; Chuka; The Jokers
Screen Stories -- June 1968 Mia Farrow; Frank Sinatra; Dack Rambo; Christina Ferrare; Leigh Taylor Young; Ryan O'Neal; Family Affair; Efrem Zimbalist Jr.; Lorne Greene; The Odd Couple; Speedway; Madigan; Prudence And the Pill
Screen Stories -- Sept. 1967 Julie Andrews; Mia Farrow; Twiggy; Star Trek; Leonard Nimoy; Yale Summers; Leigh Taylor Young; The Family Way; Don't Make Waves; Banning
Silver Screen - Aug. 1973 Leigh Taylor Young; Ryan O'Neal; The Waltons; Michael Ontkean; Al Pacino; Patricia Neal; Sophia Loren; Liza Minnelli; Peter Sellers; Ursula Andress; Dean Martin; Cathy Hawn; Mike Connors

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