Mitchell, James

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Title Leading Role
Daytime T.V. -- Sept. 1971 Anne Jeffreys; Mary Stuart; Gary Sandy; Christopher Wines; Bill Hayes; Susan Seaforth Hayes; Susan Flannery; John Gabriel; Shawn Campbell; As the World Turns; The Edge of Night; Another World; James Mitchell; David O'Brien; The Guiding Light; Esther Ralston
R. B. Daytimers - June 1980 May Lynn Blanks; Paul Tulley; Another World; Cathy Carricaburu; Frank Luz; Kin Shriner; Rita Walter; Bond Gideon; Taylor Miller; Peter Bergman; James Mitchell; Clint Ritchie; The Edge of Night; Gail Rae Carlson
T. V. Land - April 1973 Toni Bull Bua; Valerie Starrett; James Mitchell; Lee Patterson; Susan Brown; Ron Martin; Martin West; Lisa Cameron; Dino Narizzano; Meredith Baxter; David Birney; Renne Jarrett; Jack Stauffer; Donald McLaughlin; Helen Wagner; Bernard Grant

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