Holly, Buddy

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Title Leading Role
Creem -- Nov. 1978 Aerosmith; Brian Eno; Robert Fripp; Jeane Dixon; Rolling Stones; Wyman & Watts; David Johansen; Meat Loaf; Alice Cooper; The War Of the Worlds - Album; Boston; The Dictators; Robin Trower; Buddy Holly
Hit Parader -- Jan. 1979 Cheap Trick; Buddy Holly; Spinaddict (Column); Jefferson Starship; Tom Petty; Mick Jones; Paul Stanley; Meat Loaf; Beach Boys; Led Zeppelin; Electric Light Orchestra; Patti Smith; Linda Ronstadt; David Johansen; Aerosmith; Kraftwerk
Movie Life -- Nov. 1978 Farrah Fawcett; Buddy Holly; Suzanne Somers; Chevy Chase; Perry King; Meg Foster; Dean Martin; Warren Beatty; Kate Jackson; Marlon Brando; Peter Frampton; David Bowie; Shaun Cassidy; Herve Villechaize; Lisa Harrow; Helen Gallagher; Tudi Wiggins

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