Sinatra, Tina

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Title Leading Role
Movie Mirror -- May 1973 Mike Connors; Carol Burnett; Mary Tyler Moore; Dean Martin; Laurence Harvey; Sean Connery; Lucille Ball; John Wayne; Elvis Presley; Trish van Devere; Kennedys; Georg Stanford Brown; Len Allen; Tina Sinatra; Marjoe Gortner
Movieland & T.V. Time -- Oct. 1970 Tina Sinatra; Robert Wagner; Claudine Longet; Marlo Thomas; Tom Jones; Steve McQueen; Glen Campbell; Patty Duke; Jinky Lewis; Gary Lewis; Liz Taylor; Richard Burton; Jackie Gleason; Cary Grant
Screen Stories -- March 1971 Frank Sinatra; Tina Sinatra; Johnny Cash; Liz Taylor; Burt Lancaster; Waterloo; Doctors' Wives; The Beguiled; Cold Turkey

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