Tabori, Kris
Taggart, Millee
Taj Mahal
Talsky, Ron
Tarkenton, Fran
Tate, Nick
Tate, Sharon
Taupin, Bernie
Taxi Driver
Taylor, Holland
Taylor, James
Taylor, Johnnie
Taylor, Josh
Taylor, Liz
Taylor, Mick
Taylor, Robert
Taylor, Rod
Taylor, Roger
Telfer, Frank
Tell Me That You Love Me Junie Moon
Tell Them Willie Boy is Here
Temple, Shirley
Tennille, Toni
Terminal Man, The
Tewes, Lauren
Texas Across the River
Texas Wheelers
Thank God, It's Friday
Thatcher, Denis
Thatcher, Margaret
Thats Entertainment
Thats Entertainment Part 2
Thayer, Brynn
There Was a Crooked Man
They Call Me Mr. Tibbs
They Might Be Giants
They Shoot Horses Don't They
Thin Lizzy
Thinnes, Roy
This Property is Condemned
Thomas, Alma
Thomas, B. J.
Thomas, Danny
Thomas, Dylan
Thomas, Ernest
Thomas, Karl
Thomas, Marlo
Thomas, Philip
Thomas, Richard
Thomas, Rufus
Thompson, Bobby
Thompson, Hank
Thompson, Jack
Thompson, Linda
Thompson, Marshall
Thompson, Sada
Thompson, Sarah
Three Days of the Condor
Three Dog Night
Three Mousketeers, The
Three Stooges, The
Three Warriors
Three's Company
Throw Out the Anchor
Thunder and Lightning
Thunderbolt & Lightfoot
Tiegs, Cheryl
Tierney, Gene
Tiger, Johnny
Tighe, Kevin
Tillis, Mel
Tillotson, Johnny
Tilton, Charlene
Tim, Tiny
Time After Time
Tinker, Grant
Tippit, Wayne
Titus, Libby
Tivell, Amy
To Sir with Love
Toby Beau (Band)
Todd, Ann
Todd, Liza
Todd, Richard
Todd, Thelma
Tolbert, Berlinda
Tolksdorf, Birgitta
Tolley, Jean
Tom Robinson Band
Tomlin, Lily
Tomme, Ron
Tony Orlando & Dawn
Tony Rome
Topol, Chaim
Tork, Peter
Torme, Mel
Torn, Rip
Tornado Sequence -- The Wizard of Oz
Torres, Liz
Touch the Wind
Towering Inferno, The
Towers, Constance
Townsend, Jill
Townsend, Peter
Tracy, Dick
Trask, Diana
Travers, Mary
Travers, Pat
Travis, Alice
Travolta, Joey
Travolta, John
Trebek, Alex
Trevino, Lee
Trial of Billy Jack, The
Triandos, Gus
Triantafilidis, Dina
Triola, Michelle
Triple Cross
Trixon, Sirius
Trouble with Angels, The
Trouble with Girls and How to Get Into it, The
Troup, Bobby
Trower, Robin
Troy, Carol
Trudeau, Margaret
Trudeau, Pierre
True Grit
Truffaut, Francois
Truman, Bess
Truman, Margaret
Truscott, Lucian
Tryon, Tom
Tucker, Marshall
Tucker, Tanya
Tull, Jethro
Tulley, Paul
Tully, Mike
Turenne, Lou
Turkel, Ann
Turner, Lana
Turner, Simon
Turner, Tina
Turning Point, The
Tusher, Will
Twenty One Hours at Munich
Twilight's Last Gleaming
Twilley, Dwight
Twisted Nerve
Twitty, Conway
Two Minute Warning
Two Mules for Sister Sara
Tyler, Bonnie
Tyler, Jeff
Tyler, Kevin
Tyler, Steven
Tyson, Cicely