P., E.
P.J., (Movie)
Paar, Jack
Pacino, Al
Pad and How to Use it, The
Page, Jimmy
Page, Patti
Pagett, Nicola
Paint Your Wagon
Palance, Jack
Paley Brothers
Paley, Andy
Palillo, Ron
Pallandt, Nina van
Palmer, Jim
Palmer, Lilli
Palmer, Robert
Pandora And the Flying Dutchman
Panneck, Antoinette
Pape, Paul
Paper Chase, The
Paper Moon
Parallax View, The
Parker, Brant
Parker, Georgia
Parker, Graham
Parker, Jameson
Parker, Jean
Parker, Suzy
Parker, Wes
Parkins, Barbara
Parks, Bert
Parks, Hildy
Parks, Michael
Parks, Rosa
Parsons, Alan
Parsons, Betty
Parsons, Estelle
Parton, Dolly
Parton, Stella
Partridge Family
Pas Si Mechant Que Ca
Patch of Blue, A
Patrick, Butch
Patten, Dick van
Patten, Jim van
Patten, Vince van
Patterson, Kellee
Patterson, Lee
Patton Part 2
Paul Revere and the Raiders
Paul, Les
Pauley, Jane
Pavarotti, Luciano
Pavone, Rita
Paycheck, Johnny
Payne, Virginia
Pearl, Minnie
Pease, Patsy
Peck, Gregory
Peck, Jim
Peck, Tony
Penberthy, Beverly
Pence, Denise
Pendergrass, Teddy
Penhaligon, Susan
Penny, WIll
Peppard, George
Pera, Radames
Perez, Jose
Perkins, Anthony
Perkins, Billie
Perkins, Millie
Peron, Eva
Perreau, Gigi
Perrine, Valerie
Perry, Elissa
Perry, Joe
Perry, John Bennet
Perry, Steve
Persuasions, The
Pescow, Donna
Pete and Tillie
Peters, Audrey
Peters, Bernadette
Peters, Bob
Peters, Brock
Peters, Jean
Peters, Jon
Peters, Valerie
Petersen, Stewart
Pete's Dragon
Pettet, Joanna
Petticoat Junction
Petty, Richard
Petty, Tom
Peyser, Penny
Peyton Place
Pflug, Jo Ann
Phantom of the Paradise
Phantom, The
Philip, Prince
Philipp, Karen
Phillips, Captain Mark
Phillips, Mackenzie
Phillips, Michelle
Picasso, Jacqueline
Pickens, Slim
Pickett, Cindy
Pickford, Mary
Pidgeon, Walter
Pierce Arrow
Piggy, Miss
Pillow, Ray
Pilon, Daniel
Pink Floyd
Pink Jungle, The
Pink Panther Strikes Again, The
Pinkerton, Nancy
Pipe Dreams
Pisier, Marie-France
Place for Lovers, A
Place in the Sun, A
Place, Mary Kay
Planet Of the Apes
Plant, Robert
Plantt-Winston, Susan
Play it Again, Sam
Play it as it Lays
Plaza Suite
Pleshette, Suzanne
Plimpton, George
Plumb, Eve
Poitier, Sidney
Polanski, Roman
Polen, Nat
Police Woman
Pomerantz, Jeffrey
Ponti, Alex
Ponti, Carlos
Ponty, Jean Luc
Ponzini, Anthony
Pope John Paul II
Porter, Cole
Porter, Sylvia
Porter, Thad
Portnoy's Complaint
Poseidon Adventure, The
Potts, Annie
Powell, Eleanor
Powell, Jane
Powell, Robert
Power, Taryn
Power, Tyrone
Powers, Ben
Powers, Francis Gary
Powers, Stefanie
Practice, The
Prather, Joan
Pratt, Andy
Preminger, Otto
Prentiss, Paula
President's Analyst, The
Presley, Elvis
Presley, Lisa Marie
Presley, Priscilla
Pressman, Lawrence
Preston, Billy
Preston, Robert
Preston, Stewart
Pretty Baby
Pretty Maids All in a Row
Pretty Poison
Previn, Andre
Previn, Dory
Pride, Charley
Prime of Miss Jean Brodie, The
Prince and the Pauper, The
Principal, Victoria
Prine, John
Prinz, Rosemary
Prinze, Freddie
Prisoner of Second Avenue, The
Pritchett, James
Private Life of Sherlock Holmes, The
Private Lives of J. Edgar Hoover, The
Promise Her Anything
Promise, The
Prophecy, The
Prowse, David
Prowse, Juliet
Prudence And the Pill
Pryor, Richard
Purcell, Alan
Purcell, Lee
Purdue, Frank
Purl, Linda
Purple Haze
Purple Sage
Pursley, Tricia
Pusser, Buford
Puzo, Mario
Pyne, Joe