Aames, Willie
Aaron, Hank
Abbott, Bud
Abdication, The
Abzug, Bella
Academy Awards
Ace Eli and Rodger Of the Skies
Ace Up My Sleeve
Ackroyd, David
Act of the Heart
Adams, Ansel
Adams, Cindy
Adams, Don
Adams, Edie
Adams, Jeb
Adams, Lou
Adams, Marla
Adams, Maud
Adams, Sally
Adamson, George
Addison, Nancy
Addrisi Brothers
Adjani, Isabelle
Adler, Lou
Adonis, Frank
Adventurers, The
Agnew, Judy
Agnew, Spiro
Agutter, Jenny
Aimee, Anouk
Ainsley, Charlie
Airport 75
Airport 77
Akins, Claude
Albee, Edward
Albert, Eddie
Albert, Edward
Albert, Morris
Albert, Prince
Albertson, Jack
Alda, Alan
Alda, Robert
Alden, Ginger
Aldrin, Buzz
Alessi Brothers
Alessi, Billy
Alessi, Bobby
Alex and the Gypsy
Alexander, Ben
Alexander, Denise
Alexander, Jane
Alexander, Millette
Alexander, Willie
Alexander: The Other Side of Dawn
Ali, Muhammad
Alice Doesn't Live Here Anymore
All American Boy, The
All in the Family
All My Children
All that Glitters
All that Jazz
All the Presidents Men
Allan, Jed
Allen, Elizabeth
Allen, Frenchy
Allen, Gracie
Allen, Len
Allen, Marty
Allen, Nancy
Allen, Peter
Allen, Sian Barbara
Allen, Steve
Allen, Woody
Allman Brothers
Allman, Elijah Blue
Allman, Gregg
All's Fair
Allyson, June
Almost Summer
Altman, Robert
Ambush Bay
American Dream, An
American Gigolo
American Girls
American Graffiti
American Hot Wax
Ames, Rachel
Amin, Idi
Amityville Horror, The
Amory, Cleveland
Amos, John
An Unmarried Woman
And Justice for All
Anderson Tapes, The
Anderson, Barbara
Anderson, Bibi
Anderson, Bill
Anderson, Ian
Anderson, Jack
Anderson, John
Anderson, Jon
Anderson, Loni
Anderson, Lynn
Anderson, Melissa Sue
Anderson, Richard
Anderson, Richard Dean
Anderson, Tom
Andreadis, Alexander
Andress, Ursula
Andrew Sisters
Andrew, Prince
Andrews, Julie
Andrews, Tige
Andrews, Tina
Andromeda Strain, The
Angel, Jimmy
Angels, The
Anger, Kenneth
Animal Crackers
Aniston, John
Anka, Paul
Anne, Princess
Annie Hall
Another Man, Another Chance
Another World
Anthony, Gerald
Anton, Susan
Anyone Can Play
Apocalypse Now
Appaloosa, The
Apples Way
April Wine
Arbuckle, Fatty
Archer, Anne
Archer, Beverly
Argo, Allison
Arkin, Adam
Arkin, Alan
Arlt, Lewis
Armand, Renee
Armatrading, Joan
Armstrong, Bess
Armstrong, Louis
Armstrong, Neil
Arnaz Jr., Desi
Arnaz, Desi
Arnaz, Lucie
Arness, James
Arngrim, Alison
Arngrim, Stefan
Around the World Under the Sea
Arquette, Cliff
Arrangement, The
Arrants, Rod
Artful Dodger
Arthur, Bea
Arthur, Indus
As the World Turns
Ash, Bobby
Ashford and Simpson
Ashley, Elizabeth
Ashrow, David
Asner, Ed
Assante, Armand
Assassination Bureau, The
Assault on a Queen
Association, The
Astaire, Fred
Astin, John
Astor, Mary
At Long Last Love
Atherton, WIlliam
Atlanta Rhythm Section
Audrey Rose
Austin, Tracy
Autry, Gene
Avalon, Frankie
Avedon, Luciana
Average White Band, The
Avildsen, John
Ayers, Jerry
Ayers, Ron
Ayler, Albert
Ayres, Lew
Aznavour, Charles